Why do I need an investor pitch deck?

Why do I need an investor pitch deck?

Why do I need a pitch deck?
If you are trying to pitch for an investment from a venture capital fund, angel investor, angel investor syndicate or crowdfunding platform, they’ll generally expect to see a pitch deck at the start of the process.

With most investors getting thousands of pitches, it's critical to make sure your pitch deck is succinct, compelling and includes the information an investor would expect to see – you only get one chance at a first impression!

What is a pitch deck?
A pitch deck is a 8-12 slide presentation (usually created in PowerPoint but sent as a PDF) that acts as a teaser or high level overview of your business for prospective investors.

We recommend following the Sequoia model closely.

How do I start a pitch deck?
You're in the right place!

  • Check out one of our beautifully designed pitch deck templates

  • If you need more help with your start-up pitch deck, we'd recommend hiring the PitchBuilder team to help create your pitch deck. Learn more.