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Get our London-based experts to review your pitch deck before sending it to prospective angel investors or venture capital funds.

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A Pitch Deck Review Framework:
We have developed a propreitary scoring & review process to provide actionable feedback.

Pitch Deck Consultants, based in London, United Kingdom

London Pitch Deck Review:
We're based in London and understand the UK angel investor and VC ecosystem better than most.

Pitch Deck Consulting Service UK - PitchBuilder

A Successful Track Record:
We've worked with hundreds of clients on hundreds of pitch decks, in £500m+ in funding rounds.

Jay Dickieson
Work directly with our Managing Director

All of our investor pitch deck reviews are completed by our founder and Managing Director, who has worked with hundreds of start-ups and FTSE-100 brands.

Advanced Investor Pitch Deck Review

Advanced Investor Pitch Deck Review

Regular price$1,214.00

PitchBuilder: Pitch Deck Review Service

Advanced Pitch Deck Review: £945
(including applicable VAT)

We will review your existing investor pitch deck for:
(1) Messaging & narrative
(2) Length & format
(3) Clarity & conciseness
(4) Design effectiveness
(5) Quality of market research
(6) Completeness (Sequoia model)
(7) Credibility of financial forecasts
(8) Overall impact

You will receive:
(1) Direct, honest feedback, slide by slide. 
(2) Suggested edits to wording, format or structure changes.
(3) Recommendations for creating content that is missing, or could be removed.
(4) Feedback Session: A 60-minute Zoom workshop video call to review findings and run through your pitch deck together.

Who does the pitch deck review?
You'll work directly with Jay Dickieson, our Managing Director, based in London.

What the package doesn't include:
(1) Completely new slides or entirely re-written content.
(2) Graphic design changes. (Check out our design service if you need help).

How long does it take?
3-5 business days from your order.

Are there limits?
Feedback is limited to 25 slides or less, excluding covers.

      A fast, four step process:

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      Investor Pitch Deck Review Service

      Hire the experts at PitchBuilder to review your investor pitch deck.

      You'll work directly with our Managing Director, Jay Dickieson

      We'll give you honest, actionable feedback on your pitch deck, as well as suggest edits and changes you might make before sharing it with investors. 

      We love the Sequoia model as a way to structure pitch decks, so we try to review pitch decks against this format. 


      Q: Why do I need a pitch deck review?

      A: We provide honest feedback (measured against a proven set of criteria) to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your pitch deck. Angel investors and VC funds typically get thousands of pitches per month. Your pitch deck is your calling card and it needs to be effective versus thousands of other pitches. 

      Q: Who reviews my pitch deck?

      A: Your investor pitch deck is reviewed by our Managing Director, Jay Dickieson. You will work with him directly. He is based in our office in Central London.

      Q: What are your credentials?

      A: Jay is a pitch deck consultant and pitch deck expert. He has worked with more than 450+ start-ups since 2016, helping to prepare pitch decks, business plans and raise money across more than £500 million in funding rounds.

      He's also held senior leadership positions at a number of start-ups, including those that raised money from investors. He started his career working in strategy consulting for major clients like Tesco and Sainsbury's. 

      Q: Who is this service for?

      A: Our investor pitch deck review service is designed for founders at any stage who have an existing pitch deck which they'd like expert feedback on. 

      This includes anyone at pre-seed, seed, series A or series B stage, raising from angel investors; venture capital funds; crowdfunding and more. 

      Q: Do you specialise in an industry?

      A: We have a track record working with clients from a range of industries, including:

      1. Technology: SaaS, apps, FinTech, DTC, e-commerce, web3, social-media and energy industry focused.

      2. Retail: Consumer brands, food, FMCG, packaged goods, fashion, personal care, beauty, automotive and sports brands.

      3. Hospitality: Restaurants, cafes, hotels, leisure facilities and experiences and gaming.

      4. Professional Services: Accounting firms, law firms, consultancy and financial services.

      5. Property: Property development, historic restoration, camp sites, property portfolios and care homes.

      Q: Will you sign an NDA?

      A: Yes, we can sign an NDA if you require it (we have a template). Remember that virtually no investor will ever sign an NDA to receive your pitch deck.

      Q: What if I have more questions?

      A: Send us an email at or give us a call on 0203 934 6830. 

      Q: Can you create my pitch deck?

      A: The majority of our clients might have a partially completed pitch deck, or a pitch deck that isn't performing well. We'd recommend going through our pitch deck creation process

      Q: What if I just need help with pitch deck design?

      A: No problem, our in-house graphic designers can give your pitch deck a make-over for £125 per slide (including applicable VAT). Learn more about our pitch deck design service, here


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