A £600 million track record

Transforming fundraising for a SaaS platform

We were approached by a SaaS platform, targeting investment banks. Despite initial interest from investors, they were struggling to close, and potential investors kept dropping off the radar.

We reviewed their pitch material and built a completely new business plan and pitch deck with a compelling narrative and strong visuals. We also communicated the size of the market and opportunity more clearly and simply.

The new approach transformed the funding round, which closed significantly oversubscribed.

First UK location for a restaurant franchise

We worked to develop a business plan for the first UK location of a 200+ location restaurant franchise, already active in China, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

We worked with the team to help them build a business plan that included an investment case that allowed them understand UK costs and staffing structures.

The business successfully opened its first UK flagship and has since gone on to open more across the UK.

Preparing a DTC e-com business for investment

We were engaged by the CEO of a fast growing technology business, with turnover of £20m, seeking private equity investment to ramp up growth.

We helped the business assess its current strengths, then built a business plan around the highest ROI areas for deploying investors' funds.

We reviewed and analysed financial data, online analytics, customer and other data, using our investment readiness methodology.

We also conducted research on the market to quantify new opportunities.

The business successfully received equity investment and currently in the process of seeking further funding for a second round of investment.

Helping a robo-advisor raise debt + equity finance

We helped an existing mortgage advisory firm move into the robo-advisory space.

We produced their business plan and pitch deck material specifically focusing on growth potential and the existing success of their current business model.

They successfully raised a debt/equity round via corporate venturing in 2018.

We are currently working with them to build a new business plan as the business enters a growth phase, enabling them to raise even more capital.

Designing the business model for a co-working space

We worked with the tenant of a large, commercial space who wanted to transform the venue into a multi-story co-working and members space.

We designed their strategy and developed a revenue model that demonstrated the number of desks and occupancy space that was necessary for the business to be viable. 

The business plan and pitch deck was then used with the landlord to allow them to make the change, and with investors to finance it.

Helping a healthcare practice expand to a bigger location

We worked with a successful and growing cosmetic surgery practise, who needed to raise financing to move into larger offices, and hire a bigger team, removing capacity constraints on their growth.

We reviewed their historical finances, spoke to their team, understood the size and scope of their database, and designed a business plan that clearly demonstrated the size of the opportunity by moving to a new location. 

The business plan we produced was use both to convince the landlord of the viability of the business, and to convince the bank to provide financing to enable the move.

PitchBuilder Case Studies

Hire PitchBuilder today to help write your business plan and build your pitch deck, enabling you to raise funding (pre-seed, seed, series A and series B) to scale your start-up or business.

We are sector agnostic. Our clients are typically:

1. Technology: SaaS, apps, FinTech, DTC, e-commerce, web3, social-media and energy industry focused.

2. Retail: Consumer brands, food, FMCG, packaged goods, fashion, personal care, beauty, automotive and sports brands.

3. Hospitality: Restaurants, cafes, hotels, leisure facilities and experiences and gaming.

4. Professional Services: Accounting firms, law firms, consultancy and financial services.

5. Property: Property development, historic restoration, camp sites, property portfolios and care homes.

We work with clients at all stages of funding, including pre-seed, seed, late seed, growth, series A, series B and beyond. This can range from idea stage, through to £100m in recurring revenue.