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We design pitch decks that impress investors

We understand what serious UK investors are looking for in a pitch deck, and how to present your business in the most compelling way.

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Pitch Builder Pitch Deck Design Agency - Examples of our Work

of our work:

Pitch Builder Pitch Deck Design Agency - Examples of our Work
Pitch Builder Pitch Deck Design Agency - Examples of our Work

We are the UKs leading pitch deck design agency:

Pitch Deck Consulting Service UK - PitchBuilder

Visually compelling:
Our job is to tell the story of your start-up in a way that maximises investor appeal.

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Save time, improve results:
We have helped 450+ clients with £500 million in UK funding rounds.

Pitch Deck Consultants, based in London, United Kingdom

All work done in the UK:
We're based in London and we're an active part of the UK start-up ecosystem.

We do design, or design + content

Our graphic design team can transform your existing pitch deck, or work with us to build a Sequoia-model pitch deck fround the ground up.

Pitch Deck Consultants PItch Deck Design Agency - Examples of our Work - PItchBuilder
Jay Dickieson PitchBuilder.io
Work with our Managing Director

Every client works directly with our Managing Director. We do everything in-house, in London (no outsourcing or offshoring).

Trust us to deisgn your pitch deck

We have a proven process for designing brilliant investor pitch decks. Our clients typically raise £250k to £100 million in Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and Series B rounds.

PitchBuilder Pitch Deck Design Agency - Design Consultants - Telling a compelling story to investors

Simply choose a fixed-price pitch deck design package:

£125 per slide

Pitch Deck Design-Only Service

Bespoke Pitch Deck Design:
Completely bespoke graphic design for your exisitng pitch deck
(Minimum 8 slides)

Design Support:
Work with our expert UK-based graphic designer



Pitch deck content creation service, using an existing design template

Pitch Deck Strategy:
60-minute workshop
On-going advice

Pitch Deck Writing:
Creation of a 12-14 slide Sequoia model pitch deck
Written investor narrative

Pitch Deck Research:
Market research
Competitor research
Market sizing

Pitch Deck Design Template
Choose from our existing templates



Full pitch deck creation service, with fully bespoke graphic design

Pitch Deck Strategy:
60-minute workshop
On-going advice

Pitch Deck Writing:
Creation of a 12-14 slide Sequoia model pitch deck
Written investor narrative

Pitch Deck Research:
Market research
Competitor research
Market sizing

Bespoke Pitch Deck Design:
Completely bespoke graphic design, by our in-house graphic design team

Pitch Deck Financials:
3 Year P&L Forecast (EBITDA)


Have questions? Need help?
Call us on 0203 934 6830, email us at hello@pitchbuilder.io, or request a callback below for a FREE consultation:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No problem. Our Design Only solution is exactly what you need. Pricing is £125 per slide.

If you need help with the content as well (research, writing and narrative creation), opt for our Silver or Gold packages.

The Sequoia model is the industry-standard framework for building a pitch deck. In our experience, it provides everything a prospective investor expects to see in the most succinct way possible. You can read more about the Sequoia pitch deck template, here.

We are sector agnostic. Our clients are typically:

1. Technology: SaaS, apps, FinTech, DTC, e-commerce, web3, social-media and energy industry focused.

2. Retail: Consumer brands, food, FMCG, packaged goods, fashion, personal care, beauty, automotive and sports brands.

3. Hospitality: Restaurants, cafes, hotels, leisure facilities and experiences and gaming.

4. Professional Services: Accounting firms, law firms, consultancy and financial services.

5. Property: Property development, historic restoration, camp sites, property portfolios and care homes.

We work with clients at all stages of funding, including pre-seed, seed, late seed, growth, series A, series B and beyond. This can range from idea stage, through to £100m in recurring revenue.

Yes - of course.

Our HQ is based in Central London and our team are all based in the UK. We all understand the UK start-up ecosystem and don't offshore any of the work.

You'll work directly with our Managing Director.

All of our pitch decks are editable using Microsoft PowerPoint. You can expect to receive a PDF and PPT file at the end of the project.

We charge a 50% deposit upfront, with the remaining 50% due for final delivery.

You can simply add your package to your cart and check-out below, or if you'd prefer an invoice, please give us a call on 0203 934 6830.

You can read our terms and conditions for pitch deck projects here.

Yes - drop us a line at hello@pitchbuilder.io or call us on 0203 934 6830 and we'll issue an invoice.

Yes - of course. We will share a number of drafts with you, and iterate after each review session.

We have a digital collaboration tool so anyone can easily add comments on each draft.

A typical client takes about 3-4 drafts to get to the final product. Some projects take a few more, some a few less.

We encourage you to review the draft with advisors, stakeholders, co-founders and team members to ensure we get the widest possible feedback.

Our ambition is to complete projects in under 30 days.

Once we've completed the workshop session, we aim to get a first draft turned around within 10 business days. Once you've reviewed the first draft, we then get started on the next set of changes for you to review.

We work directly with CEOs / Founders / MD's. In our experience, this is the only way to ensure the final pitch deck is an accurate reflection of your vision for the business.

We'd recommend using our Investor List to search for investors. You can view it here.

For deisgn-only projects, we just need a copy of your existing deck (with all content completed); and any deisgn guidelines.

We might also ask you for:

1. High res version of your logo
2. High res version of any images or graphics we can use
3. LinkedIn style headshots for each member of your team (on your team slide).

No problem, email us at hello@pitchbuilder.io and we'll talk you through everything.

Pitch Deck Design Agency - PitchBuilder

Attract Investors with a Compelling Pitch Deck
Building a pitch deck can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Let PitchBuilder, the UKs leading pitch deck design agency, help you create a pitch deck that will impress investors to secure the funding you need to scale your business.

Why Choose PitchBuilder as Your Pitch Deck Design Agency

  • Experienced and Trusted:
    With 450+ successful clients and over £500m in funding rounds, PitchBuilder is a proven and experienced pitch deck design agency.

  • Personalised Approach:
    Work directly with our Managing Director to ensure the best possible outcome for your pitch deck. We're based in the UK and understand the demands of the UK start-up ecosystem.

  • Efficient and Thorough Process:
    Our streamlined process is designed to be efficient, thorough and results in a compelling and well-designed pitch deck.


Get Your Pitch Deck Designed by the Experts
Don't let the stress of building a pitch deck overwhelm you. Trust PitchBuilder, the leading pitch deck design agency, to help you create a pitch deck that will attract investors and secure the funding you need to grow your business.

Contact Us Today to Get Started!
Contact us on 0203 934 6830, or email hello@pitchbuilder.io, or simply check-out online to get started today. 

We have experience with most industries

We work with ambitious founders across technology, leisure, consumer and service:

SaaS Pitch Decks
E-Commerce Pitch Decks
App Pitch Decks
B2B Enterprise Pitch Decks
Hardware Pitch Decks
FinTech Pitch Decks
Shopify Pitch Decks
Payments Pitch Decks
InsureTech Pitch Decks
PropTech Pitch Decks
Dating App Pitch Decks
Gaming App Pitch Decks
Fitness App Pitch Decks
Renewable Energy Pitch Decks
Web3 Pitch Decks
BioTech Pitch Decks
Marketplace Pitch Decks
Platform Pitch Decks

Leisure & Hospitality:
Hotel Pitch Decks
Bar Pitch Decks
Pub Pitch Decks
Bakery Pitch Decks
Restaurant Pitch Decks
Retreat Pitch Decks
Coffee Shop Pitch Decks
Health Club Pitch Decks

Beauty Brand Pitch Decks
Fashion Pitch Decks
Alchohol Brand Pitch Decks
Consumer Brand Pitch Decks
FMCG Pitch Decks
Agriculture Pitch Decks
Food & Beverage Pitch Decks
Nutrition Pitch Decks

Law Firm Pitch Decks
Social Media Influencer Pitch Decks
Staffing Agency Pitch Decks
Marketing Agency Pitch Decks
Recruitment Agency Pitch Decks
Personal Training Pitch Decks
Cleaning Company Pitch Decks
Art Gallery Pitch Decks
Dog Daycare Pitch Decks
Consultant Pitch Decks
Private Healthcare Pitch Decks
Event Agency Pitch Decks
Travel Pitch Decks
Medical Pitch Decks
Airline PItch Decks
Yacht Dealership Pitch Decks
...and more!

Ready to get started?
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Get a free consultation:
Have a question? Call us on 0203 934 6830 (M-F, 9:30 - 17:30), or email us: hello@pitchbuilder.io

Simple payment terms:
We charge a 50% deposit / 50% for completion. You can pay via credit/debit card or via invoice.

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Trust the experts:
Benefit from expertise built over 450+ client projects in the UK's funding ecosystem.