How to find angel investor syndicates in the UK

Angel syndicates, in which a group of investors pool their resources to invest in a startup, can be a valuable source of funding and support for UK startups. Here are some tips for finding angel investor syndicates in the UK:

  1. Use online platforms:
    There are several online platforms that connect startups with angel investors. We'd recommend the PitchBuilder investor contact list, that includes rich details on thousands of angel investor syndicates in the UK.

  2. Attend events:
    There are many events, such as pitch competitions and networking events, that bring together startups and investors. These can be a good opportunity to meet and connect with potential angel investors, including syndicates.

  3. Reach out to industry associations:
    Trade associations and professional associations can be a good resource for finding angel investor syndicates. 

  4. Network and ask for referrals:
    Networking and asking for referrals can be a valuable way to find angel investor syndicates. Reach out to other startups, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to see if they know of any syndicates that might be a good fit for your business.

Overall, there are many resources available for finding angel investor syndicates in the UK. It's important for startups to do their own research and due diligence when seeking investment.