UK Angel Investor Trends in 2023

Angel investing is a popular way for startups to secure funding and bring their businesses to the next level. Here are some trends and insights on angel investing in the UK:
  1. Angel investment activity is on the rise: According to the British Business Angels Association (BBAA), angel investment activity in the UK reached a record high in 2019, with over £1.8 billion invested in early-stage companies.

  2. Angel investors are increasingly diverse: The angel investing landscape in the UK is becoming more diverse, with an increasing number of female, ethnic minority, and first-time investors.

  3. Angel investors are looking for scalable businesses: Angel investors are typically looking for businesses with the potential for high growth and scalability. Startups should focus on demonstrating the potential for their businesses to grow and scale in order to attract angel investment.

  4. Angel investors often provide more than just capital: In addition to providing capital, many angel investors also offer valuable mentorship, connections, and expertise to the startups they invest in.

  5. Angel investment syndicates are becoming more common: Angel investment syndicates, in which a group of investors pools their resources to invest in a startup, are becoming more common in the UK. This can be a good option for startups looking to secure larger amounts of funding.
Overall, the angel investing landscape in the UK is vibrant and evolving, with many opportunities for startups to secure funding and support.