What is an angel syndicate? Angel Investor Syndicates Explained

What is an angel syndicate?
An angel syndicate is a group of angel investors who pool their resources to invest in early-stage companies. This means risk is shared between a larger pool of angel investors, and increases the amount of capital available to invest. 

How do angel syndicates work?
Angel syndicates are typically organized around a lead investor who coordinates the syndicate and makes investment decisions on behalf of the group.

Angel syndicates can be formed around specific industries or investment themes, or they can be more broadly focused. Some angel syndicates are organized as formal legal entities, while others are informal networks of investors.

Why are angel syndicates popular?
Angel syndicates offer several benefits to both investors and companies. For investors, syndicates allow them to diversify their portfolio and invest in a wider range of companies. For companies, syndicates provide access to a network of investors who can provide financial support, mentorship, and connections to help the company succeed.

How do I find angel syndicates in the UK?
There are many ways to find angel syndicates in the UK. This includes networking, attending events or downloading our list of all the UKs angel investment syndicates.  

Overall, angel syndicates can be a valuable source of funding and support for early-stage companies and can help investors diversify their portfolio and support promising start-ups.