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Our comprehensive list includes rich profiles on over 300 UK institutional investors, including venture capital (VC) funds, angel syndicates, and crowdfunding platforms. Perfect for raising pre-seed, seed and series-A rounds.

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2024 PitchBuilder Investor List UK
2024 PitchBuilder Investor List UK

2024 PitchBuilder Investor List UK

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Save time and discover 350+ angels and investors for your startup or growth stage business with our comprehensive list of verified UK investors, active in 2024, including:

  • 216 UK Venture Capital ("VC") Funds.
  • 67 UK Angel Investment Syndicates.
  • 71 UK Accelerators, PE Funds, Crowdfunding platforms and more.
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  • Use the application link or email address (where applicable) to apply for investment funding. 
  • Upload to your CRM (like Salesforce, HubSpot or Pipedrive) to manage your fundraising process. 
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  • With our list, you can save weeks of effort searching for investors and just start applying for funding.
  • Our list has been built over many years by our team in London. We verified every entry in January 2024.

UK Start-up Investor List 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): about our investor list:

Q: What types of investors are included in this list?
A: The start-up investor list profiles 311 institutional investors who invest in UK startups. This includes:
  • 212 UK Venture Capital (VC) Funds
  • 60 UK Angel Investment Syndicates
  • 17 UK Private Equity Funds
  • 9 UK Crowdfunding Platforms

Q: What industries do the investors included in the list invest in?
A: Our list is designed, primarily for technology enabled businesses, and consumer brands. This includes:
  • FinTech / Payments / Financial Services
  • Healthcare / Life Sciences / BioTech
  • SaaS (Consumer & B2B Enterprise)
  • E-Commerce / DTC / Consumer Brands
  • AdTech / Media
  • Social Impact / ESG / Green Technology
  • Property and PropTech
  • Marketplaces
  • Gaming
  • Engineering
  • DeepTech / AI / Machine Learning

Q: What details on each investor are included in the list?
A: The Excel-based investor list has 15 columns, including:
  • Investor Name
  • Investor Type
  • Preferred Investment Type (i.e. Seed)
  • Target Investment Size (Available on 109 entries)
  • Target Investment Industries: (i.e. Technology, Consumer)
  • Application Link / Email (Available on 273 entries)
  • Website Link
  • Address (if public)
*Note: not all funds make their investment criteria or contact details public. Some do not have a public application link, but prefer a warm introduction, typically via someone they already know.

Q: How can I use this investor list?
A: The list is designed for Microsoft Excel (Mac or PC). Each column is sortable and searchable. We suggest searching out funds that invest in your industry and funding round size, then either applying directly using the link included, or by identifying a warm introduction.

Q: Can I use this as a bulk email list?
A: No. This list is a compilation of publicly available information. Not all investors provide a public email address for pitches. We recommend following the application process outlined.

Q: Where can I find investors for my start-up?
A: Download the PitchBuilder UK Investor List today. It contains details on 311+ venture capital funds, angel investment syndicates and crowdfunding platforms actively investing in UK start-ups.

Q: Is the list suitable for raising angel investment?
A: Yes. The investor list contains complete details on venture capital funds and angel syndicates that invest at pre-seed, seed, series A and series B stage.

Q: What does angel investment mean? What are angel investors?
The term "angel investors" generally refers to individuals who directly invest in a start-up business in exchange for equity in that business. Our list contains details of "institutional investors" which includes venture capital funds, angel investor syndicates and crowdfunding platforms.

Q; Do Venture Capital (VC) funds invest in pre-seed or seed start-ups?
Historically, you'd need to pitch angel investors for pre-seed or seed funding, but increasingly institutional investors (VC funds) are getting involved earlier. We'd suggest checking out our Investor List, even if you're just searching for angel investors. You'll also find the most complete list of angel investment syndicates.
2024 PitchBuilder Investor List UK

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