2023 Changes to SEIS: What you need to know

2023 Changes to SEIS: What you need to know

The UK Government has made significant (and very welcome) changes to the UK's Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme ("SEIS"). These changes should make it easier for early-stage companies to attract angel investors.

Here's what's changed:

  • Increased Maximum Investment:
    Startups can now raise up to £250,000, a significant increase from the previous £150,000 limit.

  • Expanded Eligibility Criteria:
    Businesses with assets up to £350,000 now qualify for SEIS, up from the earlier £200,000 cap.

  • Extended Trading Limit:
    Companies that have traded for three years can now benefit from SEIS, an extension from the previous two-year limit.

  • Larger Annual Investor Limit:
    Individual investors can now invest up to £200,000 in a single tax year, a noteworthy increase from the former £100,000 limit.

The changes to SEIS are welcome and better reflect the realities of raising a pre-seed or seed round from angels in the UK in 2023.

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