Good news for SEIS in the mini-budget

Good news for SEIS in the mini-budget
What is SEIS?
The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) was launched by the UK government in 2012, to encourage investors to finance start-ups.

The program provides tax incentives for investors in early stage start-ups that might otherwise be too risky.

Individual investors (i.e. angel investors) are able to reduce their effective income tax liability, for the year in which they make the investment, to zero.

You can read more about SEIS on the UK Government website

Is SEIS a selling point if I am raising money?
Participating in SEIS has become standard for early stage start-ups in the UK. Most experienced angel investors will expect this. 

I heard there were changes to SEIS in the autumn 2022 budget?
Great news: the UK government has made improvements to the SEIS program. These include:
  1. The amount a qualifying start-up can raise under the SEIS has increased from £150,000 to £250,000.

  2. Start-ups who quality for SEIS can now hold up-to £350,000 in assets and are allowed to have been trading for 3 years (up from £200,000 and 2 years respectively). 

  3. For investors, the annual allowance has been doubled from £100,000 in a tax year to £200,000.

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