How to find investors

How do I find investors for my startup or business?

Finding investors for a startup or small business involves a strategic blend of networking, research, and targeted outreach. Begin by:

  • Leveraging your personal and professional networks, as referrals from trusted colleagues can often lead to fruitful introductions.

  • Attending industry events, conferences, and pitch competitions to connect with potential investors and gain visibility.

  • Use online platforms and investor databases, such as LinkedIn, and databases like the PitchBuilder investor list, to identify and reach out to angel investors, venture capital firms, and angel investment syndicates with criteria aligned to your sector and business. 

Who are the main investors in the UK?

Over several years, we've built the definitive list of 350+ major investors in the UK start-up funding ecosystem (VC funds, private equity funds, accelerators, angel syndicates and more).

Get started with the first 20 below and use the links to apply for funding for your startup. You download the entire list for Excel, here.

UK Startup Investor List

Get the full list of 350+ UK Angel syndicate, VC and other investors here.

How do I use this investor list?

  • Save time and discover 350+ angels and investors for your startup or growth stage business with our comprehensive list of verified UK investors, active in 2024, including:
    • 216 UK Venture Capital ("VC") Funds.
    • 67 UK Angel Investment Syndicates.
    • 71 UK Accelerators, PE Funds, Crowdfunding platforms and more.

Edit, filter, sort or upload to your CRM:
Instantly download the full database as an Excel file, giving you the ability to:

  1. Filter and sort investors by target industry, round type (i.e. pre-seed, seed, series A or series B), target funding round size (i.e. £250k - £10m), investment criteria (i..e Tech/SaaS, or consumer goods) and more.

  2. Use the application link or email address (where applicable) to apply for investment funding.

Start-up funding resources. We're here to help:

Download our UK Investor List

350+ UK investors for Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and growth stage.

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