Series A Investors - List of Series A Investors

What are Series A investors?

Series A investors are typically venture capital firms or strategic investors that provide funding to startups that have demonstrated a track record of growth and are ready to scale their operations.

This stage of investment follows initial seed funding rounds and is crucial for companies looking to further develop their product, expand their market reach, refine their business model, and achieve key business milestones.

Looking for Series A investors?

Over several years, we've built the definitive list of 350+ major investors in the UK start-up funding ecosystem (VC funds, private equity funds, accelerators, angel syndicates and more).

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Series A + Startup Investor List:

Get the full list of 350+ UK Angel syndicate, VC and other investors here.

What do Series A investors expect?

Series A investors typically look for:

  • Proven Concept: Evidence that the startup's product or service has significant demand, demonstrated through metrics like user growth, engagement, or revenue.

  • Scalable Business Model: A clear plan showing how the company can scale operations and increase revenue efficiently.

  • Strong Team: A capable and experienced management team that can execute the business plan and adapt to changes.

  • Market Potential: A large and growing market that offers significant opportunities for expansion and profitability.

Investment from Series A rounds is often used to scale product development, accelerate user acquisition, expand into new markets, and grow the team.

Given the higher amounts of capital involved compared to seed rounds, Series A investors conduct thorough due diligence to assess the potential for significant returns on their investment.


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